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Wall Street Prep was founded in 2003 by a group of JP Morgan investment bankers with a simple goal: To make the “investment banking skill-set” available to anyone who wants to learn it. Each year, our innovative courses are used by over 5,000 professionals and students.

Prior to joining Wall Street Prep, Arkady was an Associate within the Energy & Natural Resources of the Equity Research Group at FBR Capital Markets. Prior to joining FBRC in October 2001, Arkady was an Investment Banking Analyst within J.P. Morgan Chase’s Global Oil & Gas Group.

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Looks Like We’re Back To The ‘Dirty Harry’ Market Once Again – On Christmas Eve, the entirety of Wall Street had suddenly.

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In short, if you buy into any fund (index or not), the fund must invest that money into more stocks — and all that buying is.

Will Progressives Buy Gillibrand’s Crusade Against Big Money in Politics? – That all.

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Wall Street Prep is the trusted training provider for the world’s top investment banks, private equity firms, Fortune 1000 companies and business schools. Our online training and instructor-led boot camps are direct adaptations of our corporate training, making Wall Street Prep the ideal choice for those looking to break into finance.

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