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In our dreams, all of us are psychic. — Robert Moss Dream True Change the way you dream.

and take control of your destiny Robert Moss helps countless people live more enriched lives by working with the energy and insight of their dreams and becoming conscious dream journeyers.

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DREAM VIDEO: Shamanic Dreaming with Robert Moss Posted on January 22, 2017 September 9, 2018 Author Hollye Hurst, Ph.D. “Dreaming is fundamentally about waking up to a deeper order of reality and purpose.

to the world behind this world.”

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic operation in which the practitioner journeys to bring back lost soul-parts and puts them into the client’s body.

you’ll open gateways for healing and empowerment for yourself, for your friends in the dreaming family we’ll grow, and for those you are called to help in everyday life.

Robert Moss, Dreaming.

Dreaming the Soul Back Home Q&A with Author Robert Moss.

We use the core techniques of Active Dreaming to bring more of soul into the body and help others to become whole. By learning to share dreams with others in the right way, we create a safe space where our younger and brighter selves can draw closer, and we start to build communities.

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